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Simplest, fastest, easiest, compact, no skills needed, instant results. It is a small but powerful tool for making professional ropes for your model.


(Check this video on YouTube for how it works. Turn on subtitles.)


The VR Rope making machine, ropewalk, is intended for making professional ropes for your models:

  • plain-laid and cable-laid ropes;
  • two-, three- or four-stranded;
  • with or without core;
  • left and right lay;
  • diameter up to ~2.5 mm


HD adaptable. Can be transformed into HD (Horizontal Design) machine. Not yet available.


There are notches on the machine that will help to mark screw holes for securing the machine.


Package Contents

  • VR (Vertical Ropewalk) machine.
  • Rotation direction switch.
  • Power supply (can be supplied separately)*.


*Power supply can be shipped separately, drop shipment. Please state type of plug required (US, EU, UK, AU.

Rope making machine. VR. Vertical type.

  • This is "In-Stock" product available for shipping in up to 7 days. Please check our "Shipping" section for more details.

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