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If you are fond of model making, especially ship model making, this site is just the right place for you.

Here you will find some tools and supplies, which will make your model ship look authentic. Take a moment to browse through our products and you will discover new ways to work with rigging and to make your ship model look even more like the real ship by using our tools and supplies.

Being a ship modelers over a decades now, we have faced all sorts of challenges in connection with scale modeling, and we finally came up with several quite helpful tools which we are now glad to offer. All tools are thoroughly tested and modified prior to launching them to the market. Each tool is assembled and tested prior to package and delivery.

​Apart from tools and supplies for ship modelers we also supply machines for mass production of ropes, cables and twisted wires. These are already used by different customers around the world in different fields like for making Carbon Nano Tubes in chemistry, for making custom yarns in textile, for making custom sewing materials in medicals and so on.

We do not just sell tools and supplies for ship model builders, we offer full stack design and build service for those who want to build their own reconstructed historical ship model as well as we can build it for you.

But we are not constrained just by ship modelling. We'll be glad to help you to design custom tools for your needs. Mechanical and electronics engineering are available.


Cliff W.

Ship model builder


“Thank you for making these model ropes and cables available!”

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