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All-in-one machines for any jobs where one rope winds around another.


(Check this video on YouTube for how to assemble it. Turn on subtitles.)
(Basic operations on ShipWorkshop serving machines. Starting from 7:23. Turn on subtitles.)


Serving machine is intended for:

  • serving ropes,
  • making beckets,
  • stropping blocks,
  • making eye-splices,
  • laying seizings,
  • making stay mouse (diamond knot),
  • other jobs where one rope is to be wound round the other.


Special design allows you to serve extra long ropes with or without "endless" option.

Motor option helps you to automate serving process.

New "rail" design allows you to move cheeks to any desired position along the length of the machine.


Series Members:

  • SM4-H: hand operated. No motor. No "endless" option.
  • SM4-M: hand and motor operated. No "endless" option.
  • SM4-F: hand and motor operated. Includes "endless" option.


Package Contents:

  • Serving machine.
  • Hooked wires for making beckets;
  • Alligator clips.
  • Wheels for making stay mouse.
  • Motor, control unit, power adaptor(only for SM4-H, SM4-F models.)
  • "Endless" option (only for SM4-F model)


Available options for PREVIOUSLY purchased machines:

  • Motor option (only for SM4-H model.)
  • "Endless rope" attachment (only for SM4-H, SM4-M models.)


*Power supply can be shipped separately, drop shipment. Please state type of plug required: US, EU, UK, AU.

SM4 series serving (wrapping) machines

  • This is "In-Stock" product available for shipping in up to 7 days. Please check our "Shipping" section for more details.

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