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Fully automated ropewalk with traverse (rope making/twisting machine). Minimal control is required.


(Check this video on YouTube for how it works. Turn on subtitles.)


High volume rope making/twisting machine with traverse is intended for making professional ropes:

  • 2-, 3-, 4- or 6-stranded;
  • With/without the core;
  • Plain laid or cable laid;
  • Left or right lay.


There are no line counter, tension and thread breakage sensor on this machine any more. We've removed it as not needed after lot of runs.


This ropewalk and Universal Rewinder both complement each other.


*traverse is intended for evenly laying result rope on takeup spool.

**Progammable Smart Control Unit specially designed and based on a micro controller allows operating machine in an optimum manner in different modes.

***Power supply can be shipped separately, drop shipment. Please state type of plug required (US, EU, UK, AU).

High volume rope making machine (twisting machine, ropewalk)

  • This is "In-Stock" product available for shipping in up to 7 days. Please check our "Shipping" section for more details.

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