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What is serving and stay mouse?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Serving rope
Serving rope

SERVING is encircling a rope with line or spunyarn to keep it from rubbing and chafing.

To SERVE is to wind round spunyarn by means of a mallet, to prevent it from being rubbed. The materials used for the purpose are called service.

Mainstay with stay collar
Mainstay with stay collar

MOUSE. A large knob, in the shape of a pear, formed on stays; also a smaller one round messengers, by intertwisting a small rope round the strands.

Mainstay with stay collar:

  1. Stay eye at main masterhead;

  2. MOUSE;

  3. Spliced eye;

  4. Leather parceling;

  5. Stay;

  6. Upper heart;

  7. Lanyard;

  8. Lower heart;

  9. Stay collar from 18th centure, fully served

Model stay mouse
Model stay mouse

Model stay mouse:

  1. Basic shape built up of wood;

  2. Vertical threads;

  3. Horizontal "darning"

Here is the tool to serve and make stay mouse.

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