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Here you will find some handy tools and machinery, which may significantly ease the construction process. Take a moment to browse through our products and you will discover new ways to work with tiny details and to make your ship model look even more like the real ship by using self made ropes.

Being a ship modeler over a decade now, I have faced all sorts of challenges in connection with scale modeling, and I finally came up with several quite helpful tools which I am now glad to offer (see "Shop" section). All tools are thoroughly tested and modified prior to launching them to the market. All parts are laser cut with СNC machine or printed on 3D printer. Each tool is assembled and tested prior to package and delivery. However some of our products may be damaged on their way. If that happens, please refer to "Shipping" section what to do.

Apart from tools we also supply hand-made ropes of various diameters and colors as well as some special tools not just for a ship model builders.

Ropes supplied with model kits look like threads which can really spoil the model. Hand-made ropes are scale copies of the real ropes.

If you are fond of model making,
especially ship model making,
this site is just the right place for you



Nate L.

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